LA Haiku
  Lake Hollywood

Above the city,

jog around Lake Hollywood

under sign's shadow
  Marina Del Rey

Marina Del Rey
high-rise lets folks look down on

sea, dingbat dwellers
  Venice Beach

Blading guitarist,

Muscle beach men, vendors say,

"Welcome to Venice."
  Petersen Automotive Museum

Don't think cars can be
art? Try touring Petersen

Auto Museum.

Sunday Brunch at Joe's

Mimosas, huevos, fresh fruit
Delicious bargain
  The Wiltern
History’s crossroad
feels old-time rock glamour.
The Wiltern marquee.
  The Roxy
Rocking the Roxy.
Standing room mostly , stage tucked
back in the corner.
Swallowing sea slime,
ankles twisting on the board.
Why is surfing fun?
  The Cheesecake Factory
Jessica Fletcher
at the Cheesecake Factory.
Pastry chef murder?
  LA Lunch
I’m walking one way
and them—another, going
to find fish tacos.
One day it’s Ozzy,
Another Danny Glover.
Celeb sighting lunch.
  Santa Monica Promenade
A dingy third street:
cut off the cars, build a mall.
Bingo! Promenade!
  The Beaches
Summer tournaments
Bathing suits, beach volleyball.
Toes dip into sand.
  The Hollywood Sign
Let’s go hike up there
or shoot it to “set the scene.”
It’s just wood on stilts.
  Saints and Sinners
The end of our street.
Dive bar trendified with lines
of retro-sinners.
  Hot Dogs
LA hot dog lines:
finer palettes must have Pinks,
a high-cultured frank.
  The Grove
I’m having nightmares
involving parking, small dogs.
Must be the Grove.
  Universal City Walk
Body bumper cars:
City Walk, suffocating
teen metropolis.
  Dear John's
Smokey lounge singer
fields kitschy pop-song requests
from sirloin eaters.
  Beyond Baroque.
Poetry fortress
looms on Venice, poems hushed,
proud, Beyond Baroque.
  Street Names 2
Hollywood to Panns,
feisty, brazen: a road called
  Street Names
All rolls of the tongue
and sounds vaguely erotic
on Sepulveda!
  Taco Stands
No Titos, Pacos.
Kings Tacos in East LA,
But bring your Spanish.
  The New Beverly Theater
Chilly, sticky floors,
the New Beverly lingers.
Film buff’s paradise.
  LaBrea Tar Pits
Bones stuck in tar
the kind of boredom felt at
La Brea tar pits.
  The Standard
Standard on the Strip
Don’t go in sweatpants unless…
You’re working the box
  The Getty
Dinosaurs and art—
How do they connect? Find out:
Visit the Getty.
  LA Traffic
It takes Zen patience.
Five-lanes full of ego drones
Learning how to merge.
A collection of haikus about life in Los Angeles

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